L.E.A.P. – humorously (September 29)

How would you like to have a month filled with laughter?

That was sort of a rhetorical question, but if you’re in such a bad mood that you’re saying, “no, I really wouldn’t like to laugh or have any fun this month”, something is definitely wrong with you.  (You especially should keep reading!)


I thought a mouse had crawled into my car and died.

The smell was horrible!!!!

Disturbing the stagnate stench by turning  on the AC made it worse.  So, for several of the hottest weeks of summer, whenever we had to travel, every passenger was leaning towards the nearest open window.

I purchased air freshener, which only filled the vehicle with an overpowering and nauseating combination of “death” and “fresh linen”.

There was nothing that could be “added” to make this better… something needed to go… the source of that horrid stench!

Then I finally discovered two gallons of milk zipped in a freezer bag in back of the car buried under all the grocery bags and remembered that I had bought these the last time we went to the city after an orthodontist appointment… that was last month.

As we gagged and our eyes watered at the discovery of bloated milk jugs separated in to the most putrefying and chunkiest version of curds and whey we had ever seen, our whole family got a good laugh.   We had needlessly tortured ourselves for weeks!


Life, even the trials and mistakes, can be a source of laughter if we only look for the humor.

But, like the stench of spoiled milk in our vehicle, sometimes getting rid of something stinky can make the ride of life a lot more pleasant…  I’m talking attitude.

Some people are natural optimists.  There are several of them living in my home.  But, I am not one of them.  We all know people who were born having fun and looking for a party.

Does anyone specific come to mind?  (I have one particular aunt, a dear-dear-friend in my tea group, and a daughter that are the epitome of optimism personified!)

I hate to imagine life without them!  They make any road an adventure.

While I’m trying to picture the cup as half full, their glass is running over with bubbles of champagne (or in the case of my Precious Little One, with orange soda).

If on the Winnie the Pooh personality spectrum you’re more of a Piglet, an Eeyore, or a Rabbit, why not pretend for a month to be a Tigger?  If it sounds exhausting, remind yourself you can be fun and silly without expending all your energy bouncing around.  We introverts need to recharge with time alone, but who says you have to be serious?

Here’s what it comes down to:

IT IS MORE FUN to have FUN and LAUGH than to be serious and grumpy!

It’s your life.  You only get one shot at living.  So, why not enjoy it!

This month, find the humor in EVERYTHING!

  • read jokes
  • hit the comic section of a book store
  • laugh with a child
  • laugh with the senile
  • stay up way too late and watch a comedy
  • read funny authors (What better way to understand how optimistic people think?!? — I have accumulate several over the past weeks with this month in mind.  What a cheerful way to build a little anticipation!)
  • check out the zillion and one hilarious clips on YouTube
    • babies laughing
    • people falling
    • AFV/Candid Camera reruns
    • standup comics
    • bloopers
    • lip-reading
    • of ask a teen about their favorite You-tube channels
      • my kids showed me Studio-C, GMM, & Dude Perfect Stereotypes

I am so ready for this month!  I know that it is going to be FUN!  And, every month so far that I’ve had a specific focus has been filled with Divine Appointments.    What could be better than a month of HUMOR?!!


So, what about you?

How’s your LEAP Year going so far?

Since February I’ve been LIVING (really living!!!), ENJOYING (every day! … the moments, the seasons), ADDING (adding something good/beautiful/etc.), and PRAYING (aaaah, praying, always praying…  aware of God’s presence and talking with Him through it all!)    And, I’ve been doing this

  1. attentively
  2. beautifully
  3. intentionally
  4. naturally
  5. generously
  6. patiently
  7. simply
  8. and now, HUMOROUSLY!

This month (beginning September 29th), I will live – “Just Live, aaaah!!!” – looking for the FUN, enjoying the LIGHTER SIDE of life, adding HUMOR – sharing the things that make me laugh and try everyday to make my kids and husband laugh , and praying for a fresh perspective to see the JOY and FUNNY side of my circumstance.


LORD, I know You have a sense of humor.  You’ve given all of us humans the ability to laugh, and I want to strengthen this part of my personality.   What do You find funny, LORD?  Please bring funny things and fun people across my path!  Help me to not be so serious, or so busy, that I miss the laughter!  Life is short, and I want to enjoy all the good things You have richly given me for that specific and simple purpose.  LORD, I want to laugh every single day, multiple times a day!  Make me into an even more pleasant person to be around.  I want to be a fun mom and a cheerful bride for my family.  I want to be an uplifting friend for all the people I love.  — I ask this for my good and theirs and especially for Your glory.  – In Jesus Name, AMEN!!!!      

Just an idea:

When my kids were younger I made a little chart with apples, and every time my kids made me laugh, I’d let them move a little worm to the next apple.  When ever we make it to the last apple, we immediately made popcorn.

UPDATE:  This is the chart my youngest and I used this month. It was so easy to “earn” a popcorn party making each other laugh that we decided for an extra challenge that we needed to make her older brothers laugh to move a space. What a fun month this has been!!!  We had a LOT of popcorn.  We’ve decide to have a different reward for next month:  baking!  Laughing can be so delicious!!!  — Hope you’ll get in on the fun with your family!

Why not make a chart of your own with 29 spaces, and challenge your family or friends or student or coworkers to make each other laugh.  The reward could be taking them out for coffee or ice cream or pizza or whatever!  — Or you could have it be your own secret chart, and you could try to make 29 other people laugh, or make your spouse or child laugh 29 times over the next month?

Be creative!  Have fun!  and KEEP SEEKING the One who is Seeking YOU!

If you’re reading this sentence, I am praying for YOU!!!   (Enjoy your month!)