L.E.A.P. – thankfully (November 29)

“Give thanks to the LORD for He is good…”  Psalm 107:1


“In everything (in all circumstances) give thanks; for this is the will of God…”  1 Thessalonians 5:18



It’s one of the first words I chose for my L.E.A.P.-Year.  I’ve been anticipating this word, this month.  (And, if you’re an American, you’ve probably have had “giving thanks” cross your mind with the celebration of “Thanks-giving”,… and maybe you’ve already moved on.) 


I intentionally chose to L.E.A.P. (to focus on living, enjoying, adding, and praying) THANKFULLY this month, rather than starting on October 29 which would overlap the traditional American holiday, for several reasons:

  1. It seems more personal when it’s not the popular/cultural thing to do.  —  I wonder if God feels about our giving thanks for one day (or one month, in November) like I feel about getting roses in February on Valentine’s Day.  I sure appreciate the gesture, but it’s even more special when Handsome brings me flowers other times of the year, when I know it’s not at the prompting of the culture, advertisers, and businesses that are looking for monetary profit.  — I want to tell God “Thank You!” and “I love You!” now, when the fall decorations all all put away, just because I am thankful for all He has done for me and I love Him, not because “it’s that time of year”.  (And, honestly, sometimes Thanksgiving takes me by surprise.  How can it already be November!?!  So, this year, Thanksgiving is just the start of the “giving thanks” season.)
  2.  I want a thankful heart especially this month. — This is the time of year when materialism and consumerism goes into hyper-drive.  Black Friday creeps into Thanksgiving-Thursday, and before the turkey leftovers are in the Tupperware and chilling in the fridge, the shoppers are warming up their engines for their race through the stores. — But, for most of us, this is the time of year when the simple things, the spiritual things, the relational things (not so much the physical things) means more to us!  — Many of us can honestly say, I don’t NEED anything, and the “things” I WANT aren’t “things” at all.  Still, it’s easy to forget, to be preoccupied and distracted and lured into the consuming tidal wave of “MORE”!!!  — I want to appreciate the physical “things”:  trees, lights, music…  but to treasure the more precious “things”:  people, memories, Advent, hope, joy, peace, worship, the presence of God in my heart and in my home…
  3. I have a lot to be thankful for at this time of year. —  As I come to the end of the physical year, and enter the season of reflection, of writing letters, flipping through family calendars and prayer calendars, skimming through journals… asking, “What have we done?  What have I learned? What were my goals?  What are my dreams?”  … I find great material to prompt thanks-giving!


In the past, I have made long lists of 1,000 gifts and more, but this month, I am going to make several very specific lists of 29 things I am thankful for…

#1 – the 29 things (not people) that I am most thankful for…

  1. the Bible
  2. prayer
  3. freedom

#2 – the 29 people who have meant the most to me over my life…

  1. Handsome, my wonderful husband
  2. my dad
  3. my mom

#3  – 29 daily “just for me” special gifts from my Heavenly Father

  1. a Charlie-Brown tree – God planted it on our land in a particular place so that Handsome would say, “It needs to go.”   Then, he and Little One cut down and carried it home just for me.

and #4 –  29 bites of “daily bread”; each a specific and timely word from the LORD

  1. “… for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


Why don’t you choose a special way to say “Thank You” to the LORD this month?   You could make a “Thank You – list” or two, or maybe you could be creative and come up with something totally unique, something just between you and Him.

Predetermine how you will L.E.A.P. this month…


Seek the LORD.  Find His will for you this month.  Then, share what you find and be a blessing over then next 29 days!


I can’t think of anything He’d like more than your company.

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If you’re reading this sentence, I am praying for YOU!