The Seeker’s Manifesto

Living, Learning, Seeking, Finding..

I am a Seeker.  — I have spent almost 40 years on this planet searching for significance, meaning, knowledge, beauty, and truth, and I have discovered that every thing I am seeking is found in God through His Word, written and living, specifically the Scripture and Jesus Christ the promised Messiah.  Everything apart from Him is hollow, superficial, and ultimately disappointing.

"You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.  I will be found by you, declares the LORD..."  Jeremiah 29:13-14
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This plaque that hung over my bed as a child, into which my parents burned the verse they felt lead by God to pray over my life, has been a constant reminder of my responsibility and God’s promise.

This prophetic passage sustained Daniel and the children of Israel when they were in captivity for 70 years in Babylon, and these verses have been the theme of my life. The priority of my life is this:

  • Seek God first

My primary ministry is not to love my husband, instruct my children, disciple women, or even to love my neighbor.  My gifts may be to encourage and exhort, to pray and intercede, but my ultimate calling is to God Himself.  Everything else flows out of ministry to Him. He is my Love, my Passion, my Life. I start the day with Him.  I end the day with Him.  I desire to spend every moment of my day conscious of His presence regardless of where I am and who I am with. I view all of life as material for my instruction and refinement, as humbling and unglamorous as that may look.

The living of life is not an interruption, rather it is a series of divine appointments to serve, bless, and encourage Him by serving, blessing, and encouraging others, which providentially results in my being served, blessed, and encouraged as well.

I am seeking The One.

The more I find every desire fulfilled in Him, the more determined I am to seek Him and not the fulfillment of my need itself.  I know He is the Fulfillment and the One in whom I can rest and say, “I shall not want.”

Deb in the Garden
A precious moment in Jerusalem, alone with Christ on a special “honeymoon” trip to Israel, to restate my vows and celebrate 30 years together (1980-2010). Happy Anniversary, LORD!

My greatest enemy in this pursuit is myself: my pride, insecurities, and plaguing selfish desires, but I am learning how to let go of lesser things in the certainty of finding what I value more.  So, I proclaim these mottos in echo of my brother Paul, “That I may know Him” and “Christ is my Life”. Therefore, I will not seek momentary comfort or praise.   I seek God, the Ultimate Seeker, who loved me and sought me first.  I seek to rest in Him, and then, to know Him, bless Him, worship Him, to minister to Him, to be the friend He invited me to be.

I will not allow myself to be preoccupied with myself or the temporary trappings of this world.  I am content to live this moment well, trusting God to bring into my life and remove what He will for His purposes.  I determine to live this life unaware of my own significance except in light of who I am to and in Christ until the day when I fully know even as I am fully known, when all things will be brought to light, revealing every word, action, thought, and motive in purity and eternal value.

Having been found by Him, I have been called, set apart for this purpose: to live my life seeking after The One, the Sovereign LORD God, Creator and Sustainer of all things.

Because of Him, I am the Seeking One, and this is My Manifesto.


Welcome, Fellow Seeker!  I hope you will be encouraged today as you seek the Infinite One who knows and loves you perfectly and completely.

seeking God, finding everything