My Best Advice

Stop reading this blog (and other blogs from folks sharing what they’ve found in scripture) and go read the Bible for yourself.

  • Put down the “Christian Living” books
  • Pick up THE Book
  • Read it, Study it, Memorize it
  • Stop talking about prayer
  • Start praying and never stop
  • Pray aloud, pray silently, pray continually, pray about everything
  • and Share what YOU have found with someone

In-case you’re prone to striving like I am, let me make it simple for you…

  • REST in the LORD
  • listen to Him (READ)
  • talk to Him (PRAY)
  • ENJOY Him  (Enjoy God and You Will Enjoy Life!!!)

Let it be your delight, not a burden.  So, go create a cozy corner, grab your Bible, a journal, and a pen; then get ready to write.  You’re about to find treasure!

Are you still here?

seeking God, finding everything