beautiful: a temple, a body, a home

beauty –

defined by an 11 year old:  “feeling good about yourself; good looks”

Beauty is so much more than that!!!!

defined by Webster (contemporary):  "quality attributed to whatever pleases the senses of mind as by line, color, form, tone, behavior, etc."

nature 29 sunlight water

nature 28 lighthouse

defined by Webster (1828):  "an assemblage of graces, or an assemblage of properties in the form of the person or an other object, which pleases the eye... beauty consists in whatever pleases the eye of the beholder, whether in the human body, in a tree, in a landscape, of in any other object... beauty is intrinsic,... or relative,  a particular grace,... a particular excellence,... in person... in the arts, and gladness, order, prosperity, peace, holiness."

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Q:  Who gets to decide what is beautiful?

A:  everyone.

A:  you.

A:  me.

A: and God.

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Your Temple, Your Home:  Your Beautiful Style

  • Modern,
  • French Country,
  • Old World,
  • Southern Coastal,
  • Western,
  • Rustic,…

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Your Temple, Your Body:  Your Physical Beauty

  • blonde hair, dark brown hair; curly, straight, widow’s peak
  • fair skin, rich chocolatey tan; freckled, beauty marks, cleft chins
  • tall, petite; willowy, lots of curves
The LORD’s Temple, Your Heart:  Your Unfading Beauty

Beautiful friend, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

You are.

God says you are beautiful.

He sees you; He beholds you and calls you “beautiful”.

He made you uniquely, with preferences, with favorites.  And, His expert, all-seeing, all-beholding, all-knowing word on “Beauty” carries more weight than any myopic human opinion.

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Beauty in My World

I’ve spent the last year focusing on the book of Hebrews as part of a group Bible study led by my husband, intensely studying the Tabernacle (and the Temples of Solomon, Zerubbabel, and Herod ) for a ladies’ study, and personally developing a thematic study related to running a race (on faithfulness, endurance, perseverance, discipline, freedom,…).  — In the most timely way, the LORD wove these studies together in to one deeper theme for me.

And, now, as I start a special year of “Beauty” with my maturing Little One, creatively pouring out these studies combined on my daughter, a fun “Girl-Time Study” for two, I’m hoping to go even deeper and more intentionally and practically apply all the knowledge I’ve accumulated about being the Temple of the Holy Spirit and discover more of what it looks like for me to be a beautiful and holy dwelling place for the LORD.

I am so looking forward to our Girl-Time!!!  Today, as worked on our outline for the year together, we read about  Esther and chose Esther 2:12 “…she had to complete twelve months of beauty treatments…” for our cover verse (Tomorrow we will make our notebooks/journals.).

12 months of beauty treatments, sounds delightful!!!  If it was good for a future queen, it couldn’t hurt two Princesses, daughters of the King of Kings.

We are counting our unit-study of “Beauty” as a part of our homeschool education, which helps me take our activities to a whole new level by outlining a framework schedule of Bible Study, Scripture Memory, Cosmetology (a study of cosmetics, What pre-teen wouldn’t love that?!), career exposure (Fashion and Interior Design, Fashion/Beauty/Image Consulting, Spa Therapy, Massage, etc.), and more.

I do hope to share with you some of the tools I’ve accumulated and favorite insights from the year, but don’t wait for me to post (As you probably already know, this season of my life is primarily about my family, and less about internet and blogging.). So start seeking for yourself!

  • find a theme that interests you
  • start a notebook or folder (physical or virtual)
  • collect quotes, books, magazine clippings, lyrics, outlines, charts…
  • memorize a few key verses
  • do a chain reference or word study in the Scriptures
  • about pray over it!!!
    • ask the LORD to guide you in a seeking adventure, and He will!

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If you’re reading this,

I’m praying for you right now, that you will know deep in your soul who you are, how beautiful you are, and your great worth.  I ask the LORD to inspire you to be more creative and thrill in the wonder of who He made you to be with all your favorites, preferences, passions, and artistic interests.  May you find a unique way to seek the LORD for yourself and share what you find with someone special.

May you enjoy your journey as you keep seeking and finding, friend!

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