Day 14 of the Best of my Life (personal prayer list)

The longer I know the LORD the more personal my prayer conversations become.  He’s come through for me again and again showing Himself to be my Peace, my Provider, my Hero, my Travel Agent and Tour Guide, my Life Coach, my Trainer, my Agent, my Consultant, my Interior Decorator, my Best Friend.

When I talk to Him, I reverently call on the LORD by name.

When I am in need, much of my request can be summarized in what I ask Him to be for me, “LORD, be my Body Guard.” or “LORD, I need you to be my Editor.”  “Heavenly Father, be my Advocate.”

“I am” – YHWH (Jehovah, Yahweh)  LORD, God, Master, King, Messiah / Christ, Savior, Deliverer, Healer, Helper, Father, Husband, Cornerstone, Friend, Counselor, Shepherd, Light, Shield, Tower, Refuge, Teacher, …  One God, so many names; yet only One Name, The Name above all names.

People in the Bible gave the LORD nicknames.  One of my favorite examples is when Hagar called him, “The God Who Sees” (Genesis 16:13).

God even gave Himself nicknames that we could call Him, too.  My heart is comforted just saying “Immanuel” (God with Us; Isaiah 7:14)  Who of us can resist calling Him “Abba” (Father, Papa, Daddy)?  (Galatians 4:6)

I’ve posted several times in the past about the power of prayer when paired with the Attributes of God, descriptive words that remind us of who God is… holy, good, gracious, loving, long-suffering, merciful… (Here is a link to a post with a full list.)

Today as you call on His Name as you pray, think about who you are speaking to, what your need is, and who you need Him to be.  If you are familiar with some of His attributes, try pairing those perfect characteristics with a specific name.

Today your challenge is:


day 14 -02

On Day 7 you made a PRIVATE PRAYER LIST – a list of all your concerns

Today’s list requests are those that involve the people most dear to you: your husband, your children, your family and closest friends.  When we love someone their concerns “become ours”; they become “personal” to us.

Follow the same format you used in creating your “private” prayer list.  Use bullet-points or a numbered list, write down the concerns or need.  Then, write complete sentences asking the LORD for something specific.

Again, call on Him by name!  This is a conversation with your Heavenly Father who loves you; so, keep it real.  The list is just a tool for your benefit to help you focus and as a reminder later of what He has done.  So, do not let it become a legalistic burden; rather let it be an exercise of writing down and letting go as you “cast your cares” on Him.

Mediate on these verses:

  • the verse you chose yesterday (try to recite it)
  • Exodus 20:7
  • Luke 11:1-2