Get Ready to Leap

On the count of ONE…


once a day, every day

once a week, every week

once a month, every month

once a year, every year

One Priority at a Time

1-1-1-1 leap 01

It’s been months since I’ve posted.

“Where Have You Been?”, you ask.

I’ve been “putting my house in order”.

I was making room…  for more… of God.

I didn’t know it when I first began, but I was getting ready to LEAP.

Aaaah, open space!

  • a clean page
  • an empty square on the calendar

1-1-1-1 leap 03

Room for living, breathing, thinking, praying, laughing, singing, …

Don’t you love it!  (Don’t you need it!?!?)

My bed is made, and I can still see the top of my dresser and can count the books on a previously piled high night stand.  (A prodigal of my military roots, I’m returning to habits long neglected since childhood room inspections.)

My comfortably “lived-in” space is feeling more inviting, but not because I’ve been slowly cleaning and de-cluttering, which I have, (even now a filled-to-the-brim laundry basket of papers, books, and miscellaneous odd and ends sits by my door waiting patiently to be sorted), but primarily because new perspective has changed the way I see everything. 

With a smile on my face and in my soul, I sit here in my favorite corner, on the floor as I prefer, back against the toasty-warm heater… contented.   I’m happy, because it’s Wednesday!

Wednesday, the day I “put ‘my house’ in order” spiritually.

Wednesday, my 2016 favorite day of the week.

1-1-1-1 wednesday

Wednesday… a new favorite day.

I’d like to share with you a secret and give you the gift of a “favorite day”.  (Oh, the power of renaming!   Midweek is transformed into “beautiful”, “anticipated”, “longed for”, “savored”.)

Since the end of October, the LORD has been doing something new in my life…  ancient and timeless, really, but fresh with “‘new every morning’ beginnings” for me.    Actually, it began in the summer (with the 40 Day – Best of My Life challenges), but as I wrested it out through the fall, I could not bring myself to write because…

  1. every attempt, falling short of what I wanted to say, somehow cheapened the richness of what He was teaching me,
  2. the Holy Spirit’s lessons were very much “in progress”, and would have been slightly hypocritical while still “unapplied” in my life,
  3. a new approach to writing was forming that needed purification before I wrote another word for public consumption.

1-1-1-1 asked answered

The LORD has taken me to an even deeper level in my prayer life, and the fruit is delicious!!!!   I’ve got a lot to share, and I hope you’ll try some for yourself!

1-1-1-1 c

In short, the annual and monthly prayer days that I’ve practiced and written about for years, are just not enough any more.  Though praying a little (or a lot) everyday is wonderful, I want for more!  More than just a few minutes, or even an hour, here and there, I want ALL DAY, EVERYDAY to spend the entire day with Jesus!!!!

I want to linger, undistracted in His presence.  -- I want to listen, and wait, and listen, and wait, and listen, but what would my character and faith be if I never did get up and OBEY all that He said?  
Still, though I know I can "fix my eyes on Jesus", serving while savoring and being long-sustained with strength, power, and authority that is mine in Christ, all the while firmly established in His promises and the fresh secrets revealed by the Holy Spirit as I put my faith into action, I want to stay right here, alone with Him. 

 I can’t wait a whole month to give Him my (and have His) undivided attention!!!!

1-1-1-1 bible

In all practicality and obedience as a steward of the gifts and responsibilities entrusted to me, I can not cloister myself away in His presence, hoarding truth beyond saturation, but happily, in addition to abiding in Him and continually seeking His kingdom as I go about serving others and fulfilling His will, I am also commanded to enter His Sabbath rest… and not just once a year or once a month on a prayer day.

Oh, delightful commands to “seek”, to “be still”, to “come away”, to “remember the Sabbath day”!  LORD, what sweet blessings are your commands!  How could I not obey?   You are a most generous Master!   Your Law is indeed my delight!!!!

1-1-1-1 b

Could you use a little encouragement?

In this up-coming series of posts, I want to challenge you with you what you probably already know, but maybe like me, you just need a little prompting or fresh encouragement to see how to you might more practically apply the “truth-that -will-set-you-free” in a consistent “day-in-day-out”, “mountain-top-and-valley” way.

So, if you’re interested, get ready for the “1-1-1-1” challenge, with a few practical suggestions to seek the LORD  24/7/12/366 ; yes, “366”, everyday, even Leap Year (February 29, 2016).

It’s a chance for us to “put ‘our house’ in order”, not so much to deal with our physical “stuff” to get ready to die, but rather, give our temple to the LORD, let Him deal with our “stuff” to LIVE!!!

Make it yours!

Keep it simple.  One day at a time.

  • Check out the “1-1-1-1” challenges as they are posted.

Mark your calendar, delegate a special season of seeking.

  • As you read the up-coming posts, pondering them between now and January 29th, ask the LORD to help you make your own application and to focus on those specific things that He impresses upon you to do.

I’m so excited about what’s ahead for some of you!  You are about to step into the most refreshing and deepest of living waters with Jesus.

(If you’re just starting with me as I send out these new challenges, consider subscribing to these posts for the next couple weeks, so you won’t miss a thing.)

I am praying for you, friends.

Check out the “1-1-1-1” Prayer Page (all related posts will be linked here)

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