Great Material

“I’ll give you something to write about.”

He pulls me close,
kisses my lips firmly, and says,
“Now that’s some good material.”

Holding me out at arms length, he tilts his head,
looks me in the eye, and with a sly smile asks,
“Ya’ gonna’ write about that?”

Life is good material.


He works in wood.
I work in cotton.

He has his stash.
I have mine.

He sees potential in a board.
I see potential in a bolt.

He has his scraps.
I have mine.

Even our boxes of the tiny strips and bits,
often too small to use, but you never know when you’ll need a patch.

I make
wall hangings,
table runners,…

He makes

Nails and screws, needle and thread,
We both do our part to hold this home together.

Different interests,
different talents,
we each add so much
to this house.

A great marriage
is made from great material,
not just the passion
but also the character
of the lives that
God has joined together.

God, You work with all sorts of characters. You use all of the stuff of life as material to build us, shape up, cut us, trim us, and make something not only beautiful but practical and useful.

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