Kindness – Pass it on!

A strange gift multiplied into countless blessings… Maybe it will even bless YOU!

I open my Bible and find a bear.


I open my laptop; another is there.


So, I pause and tidy up the mud room for my daughter; slip a bear in a shoe.  She’ll be surprised to find one of her chores already done for her today.


Two bears = Two kind deeds.   So, I carry odds and ends from the living room  to the bedrooms for my son, and tuck a bear in with the toys I deliver.


When I went to my room last night, I found my bed made with a bear on my pillow and a Cow Tale on my night stand with another bear close beside; so I prayed for my children that were so thoughtful to pass along kindness to me.


This cycle of blessing and being blessed is divine inspiration.


I was given of zip-bag of baby-boy confetti.  (I’m so thankful to the friend that obeyed such a strange prompting of the Holy Spirit.)  As we talked about kindness the other day, I gave each of my kids 5 blue plastic bear cut-outs with these instructions:

  • Go do something kind for someone and then hide the little bear where someone might find it.   Don’t tell anyone what small act of kindness you have done.
  • Then, when you come across another one in the next few days, do another thoughtful deed and hide that bear again in another place.

Finding “be kind” reminders, seeking to be a blessing, and leaving behind a reminder to be found by someone else…   Why not create your own version of this simple game of “find and seek” in your home?

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