L.E.A.P. – continually (February 28)

366 days… and my L.E.A.P. Year comes to a close.

continually 02

Today was extra special!  I celebrated and praised the LORD all day as I reflected over a year well lived.  (How fun to share this day, just me and the LORD, while the rest of the world went on about life “as usual”!)

I don’t want this to come to an end, and I’m contemplating “How can I continue and carry all I’ve learned and experienced with me?”  What a day for thinking excellent thoughts!  — I  wonder what I’ll be doing next leap year and what I’d like to do between now and then. (2020,  What a cool number for a year that will be!)

And, today is also one week since I came home from the hospital from a minor procedure.  (But, as my dad says, “It’s only a ‘minor surgery’ if it’s not on you.”) Even though I have to take it easy, I feel like a new woman, and with all the LORD has taught me recently about the brevity and significance of life, I have a renewed focus and sense of purpose in living for the glory of God!

What an amazing year!  —   I’ve been less “public” and “captured life” more privately (journaling and using my camera).  I’ve eaten healthier, run some of my fastest races, and signed up for my first full marathon (butterflies in my stomach even as I type that).  I’ve made hard choices and picked “best” over good/better.  I’ve prayed more and in new ways (especially the last few months).  I’ve remodeled a room and put much of my spaces in better order.  I’ve learned some hard and life changing lessons.  I read some amazing books (pertaining to my monthly themes) that I wouldn’t have ordinarily picked up.   I’ve read the Bible through with the family again, but I’ve reread, contemplated, memorized, and meditated personally more.  I’ve intentionally tried to ponder and grow personally, secretly, rather than superficially or publicly… reading to apply rather than to share.

I guess you could say I’ve done a little “temple cleaning”, some needed “throwing off” of the things entangling and hindering me in this life’s race.

continually 03

Speaking of races… Today, I headed out for a gloriously short walk, a necessary “starting over” at square one of physical fitness training after being in the hospital.  And, this is a good thing.  As I heal, I return to the basics.  I’m reminded that I am running my own race, at my own pace, the course that the LORD Himself has marked out for specifically me.  I’m so excited to literally take these first steps into a new season of life.

Physically and spiritually, I sense a new day dawning, and the future looks bright!

continually 04


(live, enjoy, add, pray)

This personal motto / challenge has served me well.


I’ve started writing it this way as a reminder to keep going!  

(I’ve accidently typed this countless times over the past year, since . and > are the same key on my keyboard. Now it’s intentional.)  

I’m telling myself today, …

 Do it again.   L>E>A>P> forward!

Jump right in!

Don’t Stop.

And, if needed, Start Again.

Keep Moving Forward!

continually 01

Life is for living, enjoying, adding… and of course, praying!  (Because, what is life with out talking to God?!?)

continually 05 Wherever you are, whatever your season, I hope you’ll choose to live (really live) your days!

Enjoy the moments!!!  Be all there.  Not living in the past or preoccupied with the future.  Take them in.  Use your senses.

Add something!  You do have something important to share, something to give, something to do, something to say… that really matter.   Be a blessing!  Use your gives, now, today.

And, pray… everywhere, every minute, in a million traditional/unique/habitual/creative/old/new ways!  Pray without ceasing.  Pray with thanksgiving, earnestly, with joy, with hope, with confidence.

continually 06

And finally, let me encourage you to seek the LORD in a special, private “just you and Him”, intimate way!  What words/verses/songs/days/events are especially meaningful or significant to you right now?  Choose your own theme for this chapter… better yet, ask the LORD to give you a theme.

If I could suggest one thing to you that has changed my life, SEEK the LORD for yourself.  Make your relationship with the LORD your priority, not your “first” priority, your ONLY priority; doing whatever He tells you to do.   (Keep it REAL.  Keep it PRIVATE/INTIMATE.) Then share and bless others out of the abundance of a life well lived in secret.

  • Talk to God (pray)
  • Listen to God (read the Bible)

It’s that simple.

If you’re reading this, I’m praying that the LORD will inspire you with something specific you can do to add a spark of excitement to your spiritual life that causes you to anticipate being in His presence.  May you thrill in the adventure of living this life abundantly!

God bless you!  Until next Leap Year,keep L>E>A>P>ing.

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