L.E.A.P. – “Spring Ahead”

 Spring ahead!

Do you really need another reason to L.E.A.P. (live, enjoy, add, pray)?

Well, you have one…

day-light savings

It adds an hour to the “standard time” for the purpose of “giving us more time”, or at least helping us to make better use of the time we have.

With an additional hour of sunlight from starting the day an hour earlier, our entire country is encouraged to become early risers.

So what will you do with that extra hour of daylight?
  • Will you go for a walk with your sweetheart?
  • Will you sit on your front porch and visit with a neighbor?
  • Will you watch the sunset?

Along with making better use of the daylight hours, Daylight Savings Time (DST)was intended to help us conserve energy.  While the nation focuses on better stewardship of energy, why don’t we do the same and makes some intentional choices about our life, our limited time and energy, that we’ve been given by God.

  • How do you want to LIVE this year?
  • What do you not want to miss?  What are you longing to ENJOY more?
  • What do you need to ADD to your life?  What “good things” do you need to remove from your life to make room for “the best”?
  • When will you PRAY?

Nothing has really changed with DST except our perception and perspective.  The sun hasn’t moved, the earth is still rotating at the same speed.  Yet, we call the hours something different, and overnight, the clock tells us the sun rises and sets one hour later than the day before… suddenly, we have “more time”.

But, this window of new opportunity will soon close.  In a week, or maybe even just a few days, we will adjust to the time change, and unless we choose now, nothing will really change.

l e a p header

Let’s rename this L.E.A.P. year.  Let’s give each month a new name, a new reference point.   As we turn the pages of the calendar, we will keep the memories and a few choice habits we pick up along the way and L.E.A.P. forward with a new focus

  • Let’s LIVE simply, naturally, actively, …
  • Let’s ENJOY quietly, thankfully, attentively, …
  • Let’s ADD beautifully , lovingly, humorously, …
  • Let’s PRAY patiently, generously, intentionally, …
leap tab

To see a quick outline of the monthly challenges for the year check out this “L.E.A.P. YEAR” post. 



Take a look at the complete “1-1-1-1” / “L.E.A.P.” challenge page,

There you will find tools to help make each day, each week, each month of this year more victorious as you Seek the LORD and enjoy Him in a personalized and intentional way.

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