Live Like You are Loved … because you are.

Every star in the sky, every misty rainbow, every breathtaking sunset, every turning of the tide and splash of every ocean wave, every sleepy rainy day, every snuggly winter night, every shiny bright new morning, every bird’s song, every turning leaf, the buzz of every busy honeybee, every panoramic perfect mountain view, every drop of dew, the scent and color of every unique flower, …

loved 01


was made for the glory of God (Romans 11:36),

for His pleasure (Revelation 4:11),


for you (1 Timothy 6:17)

to enjoy!

loved 02

You are loved.  Do you believe it?

Every trial, every trying person, every delay, every single thing that the LORD brings and allows into your life is coupled with promises, hidden treasures, and blessings to come.

loved 03

The LORD loves YOU.

Deep, deep down, do you know this?

loved 04

Do you trust Him?

You can.  You should.  Because it’s true.  Regardless of how you feel right now, YOU ARE LOVED.  This truth doesn’t become “less true” because you don’t believe it,

… but a lot will change if you don’t.

For example:  how you pray, how you worship, how you make decisions, how you read the Scriptures,  how you view the world, how you relate to other people, how you imagine the future, how you dream, how you trust,…

loved 05

And, a lot will change if you do believe it!

What would change if you lived like you were loved?   What if you lived like you were special to God, …chosen, gifted, forgiven?   What if you lived like a conqueror, like a treasured child of a King, like a new creation,…

What if you believed all that is already true about you?

loved 07

If you’re reading this, I am praying for YOU.  That you would remember, if you have forgotten, who you are in Christ.  That you would remember all that the LORD has done to show you that He loves you.  And, then that you will live knowing, remembering the truth!

loved 09

Lift up your head, open your eyes, and ask the LORD to show you…

“LORD, show me that You love me!  Remind me.  Help me to see all the ways you’ve blessed me, rescued me, protected me, help me, strengthened me, comforted me,…  Reassure me, LORD.  Help me to remember.”

Pay attention, expect His answer.  Be patient, but get ready to thank Him.  If you call out to Him, He will hear you.  If you seek Him, you will find Him to be everything you need.  Then, pray, work, sleep, wake, live differently, confidently!!!


loved 06

Handsome gave me these flowers, a beautiful way for him to say, “I love you.”  But, they were really a gift from the One who made them.

God made them for me!

My Omniscient Heavenly Father saw each of these blooms when they we tiny seeds.  He watched them sprout and blossom.  He guided the artistic eye of the florist, and He put it in my husband’s heart to purchase and deliver them to me.

— I hope you see it, too.  Every thing you have, your health, your friends, your family, your life, and every material thing you have on loan, is really from the LORD who loves you.  —

loved 11

And just incase you’re wishing you could trade places with someone and taste their blessings…  Knock it off!!!  Get your eyes on the LORD and see your life differently.  Quit comparing your life, your blessings or hardship, to anyone else’s (You really have no idea what all comes with their package.  As Jesus said to Peter when he was distracted with thoughts about John, “What is that to you?  You follow me.”)

Don’t let anything or anyone distract you from the abundant life the LORD wants you to experience.  His plans for you are good, and YOU are LOVED!

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