PRAY 7 DAYS – Friday (Day 6)

fri 13

Let the Weekend Begin

Though you probably wouldn’t guess from my appearance, I’m Hawaiian.  I was actually born in Honolulu.  Maybe that’s why I love the ocean so much or why I’m drawn to the Hawaiian culture of Aloha:

Hello, Welcome;

Love, Blessings, & Peace to You;

Till We Meet Again

I love tropical sunshine-and-rainbow weather, shells and sand.  Between my daughter and I practicing our steps from our hula lessons and my sons playing their ukuleles, our house is filled with Hawaiian music.   I even have a hula-girl swaying on the dashboard of my car.

It all seems to say, “Hang loose, bruddah!”

“No worries!”  

“What’s your hurry?  Take your time.  Enjoy the moment.”

What is it about the other 49 states that, even on the weekends, they seem more up-tight and hurried than the Hawaiians do on their busiest week days?  Some how the people of the islands smile and live in “Aloha” all week long.

Aloha Fridays

I became familiar with the tradition of “Aloha Fridays” when my parents had their second tour in Hawaii.  More than just a “casual Friday”, it’s an Aloha day.   The already laid back islands take off from work early; they put on Aloha shirts and chill.

Though I want to live it every day, I especially want my Fridays to feel like “Aloha” for my family.

Like the Jewish families that start their Sabbath at sunset on Friday, I want the rest, the fun and peace, of the weekend to start as soon as the work of the week is done, and to be sensible enough to know when to call it a day, realizing there will always be more to do and that it will keep for another day.

Fri headerDiscover What You Already Have

Every season and station in life has its advantages, but it’s impossible to “take advantage” of them if we don’t know what they are.

One of the perks of homeschooling is if the kids finish the work assigned for the week early, they really can have a half-day “Aloha Friday”.   There are many unique  opportunities’ we have as a homeschool family, but it would be easy for us to miss all those things simply by not thinking of them because we were busy replicating a traditional school, stuck repeating the familiar.

  • For you, in your current season of life, what options have not considered?
  • What advantages do you have at this time that you can make the most of?
  • What about in your prayer time?  Are you trying to keep a tradition or expectation that is not realistic or biblical?
  • What can you change in your current routine to experience more freedom and find new enjoyment in your time with the LORD (especially on Fridays)?

fri 08

Freedom is Ours

Our only limits should be those that God has placed over us.  Our guides should be Truth, revealed to us by His Word and His Spirit.

After that the possibilities are limitless…

  • especially when it comes to …. everything!
  • our relationship with the LORD
  • our prayer life
  • our family life
  • our marriage
  • our home
  • our friendships
  • our service to others

Much like the Hawaiian culture and “aloha” that seems foreign to the busy pace of life in the continental United Statesthe abundant Christian life and “agape” (unconditional love) are strange to this world.

We experience this abundance and freedom by remembering the counter-culture of the Kingdom of God and letting the LORD reign over us and in us as we renew our mind and choose to not conform to this world.

LOVE (“aloha” and “agape”) comes from God.

And, His perfect love changes everything.

So, on Fridays I like to start my day by letting the busyness of this world blur and focusing in on Christ, who reminds me of who I am and what is mine in HIM.

fri 03

In Christ

The more we are aware of who we are and what we have in Him, the more options we become aware of.   We are free to really LIVE: to think, create, love, and inspire.

In Christ we are anything but “stuck”.  We are FREE!

Life in Christ is full of possibilities.

No longer limited by fear, sin, pride, insecurity, anger, self-protection, self-righteousness, bitterness, guilt, regret, shame, appearance, ability, weakness, we can unleash the potential He has placed in us.

Imagine a life without worry, striving, and strongholds… that is life in Christ!

fri 01

Image and Reign

…my words for Fridays.

fri 02

For the last few years, I’ve used a list I found on line called “Knowing Who I am in Christ”, compiled by Joyce Meyers. (She has put this into an attractive PDF that you can download.)

In my larger prayer binder, I have printed the full text of all the verses referenced in this list.    You can download that document here:  Knowing Who I am in Christ (verses only)

I read a verse or two, that I’ve numbered according to the days of the month, and turn the scripture into a prayer with thanksgiving.

fri 06

In Friday’s pocket I also have Appendix 5  (“Spiritual Ammo”, from The Battle Plan, from the War Room resources mentioned in an earlier post) and some specific verses written on 3×5 cards related to an area of my life where I am seeking victory .

fri 10

fri 07

My prayer for you and for myself is that we will let the love of God reassure us of our value and significance in His kingdom and will find victory and freedom as we let the LORD reign over every area of our life.

May you live in His love, know His power, display His grace, and experience His victory is your life this weekend!




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