S.O.S. Message in a Bottle #5

Message #5

message 5

bottle 5 01“…and Your thoughts toward us …too numerous to count.”  v.5

Selah – stop and listen

Meditate on God’s many wonders.  Then…

  • use your senses,
  • close your eyes, listen,
  • look around, take in the view,…

What do you feel, smell…?

Consider the wonder of the world and the wonder of YOU the pinnacle of His creation.

  • tape a bit of sand in your journal

bottle 05 03

What are His thoughts towards you?

  • Read Psalm 139
  • mediate on v. 17-18
  • pour out a measure of sand and try to count them
  • (Do you have a sandbox nearby?  If you don’t have sand, count the grains in the picture above or go outside and spoon a teaspoon of dirt.)

Selah – stop and listen

bottle 5 02

  • Look back at the sand you taped into your journal.
  • If you can, count the grains of sand
  • write down that number and then try to recall as many “thoughts of God” from scripture that tell you what your Heavenly Father thinks about you

Finally, write a prayer of response to the LORD.

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