S.O.S. Message in a Bottle #8

Message #8


bottle 8 02

  • Read John 12:24-26
  • Mark 4:8 (check out the context)
  • John 15:1-11
  • Mt. 3:10; 7:19; 15:13; 25:29

Selah – stop and listen

bottle 8 04

bottle 8 01Sea oats are beautiful but they are also very important to he coastline.  Growing on the dunes they protect against erosion.

The Word of God is like that protects when it is planted into a life. And, our lives, like Christ’s are seeds.  When “our lives” are all about “us”, they have little significance after our lifetime unless what we call “our lives” become “His”.  We are His, but we often live as if we are our own and “this life” is all the matters.

  • Read 1 Cor. 6:19-20
  • Rm. 14:7-8
  • Phil. 1:21
  • Gal. 2:20

Selah – stop and listen

bottle 8 03

As you tape a sea oat or two in your journal, consider your own mortality.

  • What seed are you planting into your life?
  • What seed are you planting with your life?

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