Making Your Spiritual “Survial Kit”

Island Castaway sos(S.O.S. Challenge #1)

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“Save Our Souls”, “Save Our Ship”, “Sink or Swim”, “Save Our-Selves”?


Today, with this international signal of distress, I’m breaking blog-post silence, but personally, this season has been anything but “silent”.  The LORD has been speaking loud and clear with insight and creative inspiration for a recent spring retreat at the shore.

footprintsOur theme was “shipwrecked”; so with that in mind, I’d love to share with you a few highlights and challenges in the coming days.  If it has been a while since you’ve “come away” with the LORD for a “personal retreat” to pray and seek and rest, I think you’ll enjoy this.

If you have a trip to the shore planned for this summer or if you’d just like to have a themed prayer day with the LORD in the fall, take these S.O.S. Challenges as tools to launch your own special “get away” with your Savior.

If I could, I would whisk you away to a deserted island with the Lord, but for now, imagine yourself “ship-wrecked”.  Draw a mental circle around yourself wherever you are and know that the Holy Spirit is there with you.

Your First Challenge:  Prepare Your Bag (a spiritual survival kit)

Your first challenge is to prepare a bag, bucket, box, or basket for a portable quiet-time, an ever ready container of resources to use at the beach, in your room, on your deck, or in a quiet corner with an ocean or city view.

You can make it, buy it, decorate it…  be creative!  (If you chose to invite a friend to plan a personal retreat of her own, you could get together for a little fun and fellowship, a show and tell of sorts, to share what you chose to do with each of your challenges.)

Gather Your Tools

bag 3Begin filling your bag with supplies that you will use during your “seeking-time”.

  • Bible and journal
  • pens, highlighter, colored pencils
  • tape (I always carry tape, regular and double sides, for adding sentimental odds and ends to my journal:  leaves, pressed flowers, business cards, magazine clippings articles/pictures/words, seagull feathers, etc.)
  • paper clips, tags, 3×5 cards, small ruler, post-its…  (I even raided my neglected scrap-booking stash and gathered a few things to use.)

bag 2

I like to carry my tools in a heavy, clear, plastic zip bag (like those that bed sheets and shower curtains come in); so I can easily find a pen or paper clip but also to keep the sand off my tape!


Start Using Your Bag

beach bagEvery day, take your “beach bag” to a special, quiet place.  It could be a different place every day if you want!   Seek your Savior and jot down a few thoughts about what you read or did and what the LORD impressed upon your heart.   (You might want to start a new journal for this S.O.S. adventure.  I promise, you’ll have a lot of material, and what a wonderful time to start a clean notebook, at a change of season!)

Remember:  Be original.  Be creative.  Everything I post, is just a suggestion, an idea for you to run with and make your own; so, have fun with this challenge of “Seeking One Savior”!

For other challenges, check out the Personal Retreats tabs.  This challenge was taken from the Seeking One Savior retreat.