“Seeking” Tools & Challenges

Here are a few tools I have created during special seasons of my life that you might enjoy using or modifying to fit your current situation.

As with everything you find at TheSeekingOne.com, these resources are only suggestions.

  • Skip or change anything that doesn’t resonate with you.
  • Make whatever ideas you like your own.
  • Be creative.
  • Keep your tools practical.
  • And don’t be legalistic!!!

Pray 12 Days (End of the Year & Christmas Challenge)

12 Days to Pray - Christmas

This page has 13 links to a “preparing to start” challenge and 12 days of devotions, challenges, and evening song meditations.

  • These work well with the first 12 days of December,
  • as a countdown to Christmas (Dec. 12-24),
  • or a reflection after Christmas on the “12 Days of Christmas”  (Dec. 25-Jan. 5).

Some people have even chosen to go through them twice or take two days on each.


40 Days – Best of My Life (Fresh Start and Intentional Living Challenge)

a.k.a. “40 days till 40”

40 Days - best lifeThis page has 41 links:  an introductory pre-post and 40 days of prompts to encourage you in a fresh start or a time of transition.

The challenges are all very general, covering topics such as…

  • prayer,
  • goals,
  • relationships,
  • resources,
  • and bringing beauty and purpose to your space.

They are intentionally broad in hopes that these simple springboards will launch you out in a more specific and creative, Spirit lead application as you seek the LORD for yourself.

“1-1-1-1” / “L.E.A.P.”

P7D - Sunday 01

a two part  challenge for Leap Year

  1. “1-1-1-1” – prayer tools and ideas to seek the LORD and inspire prayer
    • every day
    • every week
    • every month
    • every year
  2. “L.E.A.P.”  – monthly challenges to Live, Enjoy, Add, and Pray
    • attentively
    • beautifully
    • intentionally
    • naturally
    • generously
    • patiently
    • simply
    • humorously
    • quietly
    • thankfully
    • actively
    • lovingly
    • continually


seeking God, finding everything