Spring Retreats

What a blessing it is to have some time away from daily routines and responsibilities to rest and be quiet in order to seek the LORD and listen in a more attentive way!

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Are you craving an extended period of time to be still and quietly seek the LORD?

Even if you are unable to attend an organized “get-away” event in person, you can begin planning your own special retreat with the LORD.

  • Regardless of your budget,
  • whether you live in the city or the country,
  • are a 9 to 5 working-girl or a stay-at-home mom,
  • if you’re able to travel or confined to your home,

…you can still create a unique experience for yourself and God.

Read the ideas posted in the drop-down tabs for a little creative inspiration, and then start planning your prayer day or prayer week. And maybe, once you’ve had a few of these with the LORD, you can treat a friend or family member to a special date with the LORD that you have prepared for them.

If I could, I would invite you over and set out special personalized prompts, symbols, verses, notes, and challenges all over my house and along my prayer path in the woods just for you!  So, please accept all my posts as gifts from me to you, or better yet, from the LORD to you.  He loves you and knows exactly what you need.  He so wants to meet with you!

(I know from experience, these prayer days are addicting!  Once a year, and once a month, just isn’t enough!!!  I want more of His presence!!!!  I hope you’ll soon feel the same way.)


A Quick History –

About 10 years ago, I began planning annual prayer days with the LORD, sort of like “dates” just for Him and me, which turned into monthly prayer days and annual prayer-retreats.  And for years, I’ve also organized special one day events and personalized prayer days for ladies that attended Bible studies I led, for special friends that needed encouragement, and guests that traveled to visit me. 

Then one spring, I invited my mom to join me for a week away to pray and read.  We so enjoyed it that the following year, I decided to invite some friends in hope of sharing with them what I do in my time alone with the LORD.  We meet at a different location each year, a place that is only revealed to the ladies attending.  

I share this with you because I hope the ideas posted here will inspire you to seek the LORD in a more creative way.  You have a unique relationship with the LORD, and He loves your company.  I hope you find these ideas helpful, but like I tell the gals that join me for special prayer days and studies, these are all just suggestions, ideas to get you started.  So, do your own thing, and when you find something worthwhile share it with a friend.

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And, especially for those of you who are attending our retreats, I hope you enjoy these challenges, that they never become a burden, and that they build your anticipation and prepare your heart for our time together.

If you’re reading this, I’m praying for YOU!

It is impossible to share with you all that I share in the hours of study we have at our Spring retreats, but here are a few links to the prep work and some of the summaries that I’ve posted for my Beach Babes.   I hope some of these ideas will inspire you to have your own personal retreat or to plan a get-away-with-God with a few sisters in Christ.

S.O.S. – Seeking One Savior – beach/survivor theme based upon the Life of Paul

Kingdom Seeking – Living Between “Once Upon a Time” and “Happily Ever After” – based upon the Kings of Israel and Judah  

Chi Kappa AlphaGrace and Truth, a study of Jesus the Messiah   (The theme was “sorority” or sisterhood, being chosen in Christ.  — The pre-trip assignments focused on meditating on the words of Christ and comparing the four gospel accounts as well as becoming more familiar with the Jewish calendar and feasts.  On our week away we spent one day overview the life of Christ concluding with Luke’s account of Jesus on the Road to Emmaus.  Then the rest of the week was spend going through the Old Testament book by book looking at all the themes, characters, and prophecies that pointed to Jesus our Messiah.)

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