LEAP Year Prayer Tools

One Priority at a Time 

once a day, every day

once a week, every week

once a month, every month

once a year, every year

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This is the starting point for this year’s prayer challenge.

Several years ago, I made a “pray seven day” challenge for myself, an abbreviated version of the Pray 12 Days (Christmas challenge).  This  reworking of that notebook is my main priority for this Four Part “leap year challenge”.  In it are seven challenges, one for each day of the week.   

The goal of these prompts is to PRAY everyday.  The tools (making a notebook and creating prayer lists) can either aid in prayer or they can actually become distractions.  So, be intentional to not just think about praying, but let’s actually open our mouths, pick up our pens, lift our eyes to heaven and PRAY!

Pray 7 Days (links):

Begin by seeking the LORD first every day, in every thing, and let Him show you where to go from there.


These are ideas and tools that I have used or developed over the  years of walking with the LORD.  They vary in their depth and complexity in relation to the busyness of the different seasons of my life and my own spiritual maturity.

Prayer Tools

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Let’s bring every aspect of our lives to the LORD.    He is the one that will help us “put our ‘house’ in order”, bringing beauty, balance and blessing.

Pray Every Week, Every Month, Every Year

On the Count of “1-1-1-1″…
  • praying every day  (daily pray – a priority prayer list)
  • praying every week  (seeking and interceding)
  • praying every month  (seeking and planning/dreaming)
  • praying every year  (coming away to be alone with the LORD)

“1-1-1-1”  (the four part challenge)

  1. ONE HOUR every day – setting aside a brief time every morning  (one hour, or maybe jut 15 minutes as you get started,  that are/is “holy to the LORD”)
  • developing a simple routine with a clear purpose and practical tools to prompt us in praying at a brief set time, establishing a particular period of the day as sacred and holy to the LORD
  • my key words:  ORGANIZED, SIMPLE
  1. ONE DAY every week – one full “Sabbath” day each week  (24 hours that are “holy to the LORD”)
  • choosing and using a calendar, marking off and guarding one day a week as absolutely holy to the LORD to pray over personal, national, and global concerns; organize prayer lists and resources in a personally inspiring way that they are readily available and easy to use
  • my key words:   INSPIRING, RESTFUL
  1. ONE DAY every monthone special day (or half-day) each month for seeking the LORD about the future
  • using your calendar as a prayer tool to seek the LORD for wisdom in planning and preparing for up-coming events, listening to and dreaming with the LORD
  • my key words:  LISTENING, PLANNING
  1. ONE DAY every year – one day (or a weekend, or a full week) where you come away (or send everyone else away) to seek the LORD in a special way  (This is my most treasured spiritual luxury!)
  • anticipating all year a “come away” time with the LORD; making preparations, collecting resources, and then with an open mind and heart receiving whatever the LORD brings
  • my key words:  RESTORATING, INSPIING

These are the habits that have changed my life!  I really do use these tools and mark-out these holy days on my calendar before I make any plans for my year.  There is nothing I prioritize over meeting with the LORD.  The WORD of GOD and PRAYER is my connection to my Heavenly Father!  I can’t begin to express strongly enough that THIS IS THE SECRET TO VICTORY AND JOY AND LIFE AND PEACE!!!!



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Don’t let any beautiful spiritual discipline turn to legalism. GUARD your HEART.   If you take the time to establish these habits , I know they will become the most precious, most eagerly anticipated, most relaxing, most rewarding, most productive, and most inspiring minutes/hours/days/weeks of your day/week/month/year!

My Personal L.E.A.P. Year Challenge:

(This Leap Year challenge was the prompt that started this page and the posting of some of the prayer tools I’ve used over the years.)

1-1-1-1 leap 02c

Because I’ve been using these prayer tools for years, I am adding these L.E.A.P. Year monthly challenges for myself as special words and areas of focus for my prayer life that I want to develop into my character and apply to how I live and think, sort of a “pray without ceasing” way of making my life a prayer to the LORD>


I am praying for you, Mighty Prayer Warriors!

seeking God, finding everything