XKA – (Oct/Nov) Cheshvan

Marcheshvan (shortened to Cheshvan or Heshvan; the eighth month of the ecclesiastical/biblical year of the Hebrew calendar, second month of the civil Jewish year) literally means “eighth month”.

And here’s your challenge for the month of Cheshvan:

1. Do a word study on the word “grace”.

This can be as extensive or brief as you would like.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Check out the definition in an English dictionary
  • Look up the word in a Bible dictionary and/or concordance
  • Do a chain reference search of the word through the Bible
    1. Where is it first mentioned?
    2. Follow that word through the scriptures.  (There are chain reference Bibles, concordances such as Strong’s Concordance, and countless on-line tools you can use for this step.)
  • What stories/characters from the Bible do you think best portray the meaning of this word?
  • What people do you know (or that you have read about) that personify this word?
  • Look for quotes related to this word that are especially potent or meaningful, that help you understand this word, or that simply resonate with you.

2. CHOOSE a PICTURE or SYMBOL to represent the word “grace”.

  • This can be as simple as printing an on-line image,
  • taking and printing a photo of something in your world that reminds you of this word,
  • drawing or painting a picture,
  • selecting an object or charm as we have had for themes on previous retreats,
  • or any other original idea that comes to mind.

seeking God, finding everything