Kingdom Seeking (2015)

Seeking First the Kingdom of God

right here, right now

as we’re

“Living Between Once-Upon-a-Time and Happily-Ever-After”


You don’t have to wait until April 11-18, when you’ll have a full week of rest, encouragement, fellowship, prayer, and more REST!   You can seek Him and find Him where you are.  He is everything you need.  So, be still and know that He is God, the Author of Life, the Giver of Peace, the Fountain of Joy, and the Burden Bearer who wants to provide rest for your soul.


This year we will be studying the brightest and darkest days in the history of Israel, becoming more familiar with the timeline of the kings of Israel and Judah.  We will learn practical lessons from their life, observe their strengths and weakness, and hopefully better understand what it was like to anticipate the promised Messiah in their day, as we continue looking forward to the return of our King of Kings.


You will find the theme of “Your-Story/His-Story” throughout the challenges this year. Also, there will not be as many “mini-challenges”, but rather a few larger challenges.  (See the Kingdom Seeking Challenges posted under Personal Retreats in the drop down tabs)

Most importantly, check out the AUGUST Challenge!!!! 

(If you choose just one, DO THIS ONE!)

But, as always, NO PRESSURE!!!!  Everything is optional.

  • September: The Soundtrack of Our Week Away
  • October:  Write your story (Bonus:  illustrate your story)
  • November:  Favorite Princess Story and Picture (Bonus: Character/Story analysis)
  • December:  Top 10, Sonnet 116, Psalm 116  (Bonus: encouraging quotes/lines from your favorite books/movies/etc, Waking the Dead – John Eldridge)
  • January:  Family Tree
  • February: “Our Songs”, favorite songs, “Your Songs (w/ the LORD)”
  • March:  Picture of yourself  (Bonus: timeline of pictures), list of people you admire (then narrow it down to top 3) and why
  • April:  Pack your bags! — See ya’ soon!


PS – I hope to have the resources from the Spring retreat posted before the end of the year (2015).  Thanks for your patience!

seeking God, finding everything