Kingdom Printables

The following are some of the documents and charts were used as decorative embellishments for our retreat, pages for the ladies’ notebooks, or handouts to be used during the morning Bible studies.

(most important resources for Bible study are in bold print)

Attributes of God

Reminder Symbols for Bible Study

Kingdom Seeking cover and invitation

Chart of Important Places in the Old Testament

Kings of Israel chart for lecture notes (blank, to be filled in)

My Personal Study Notes / completed Chart of Kings (Israel and Judah)

List of Kings Names with their Meanings

Chart of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles, and maps (with sources)

Brief Summary of Monthly Challenges

Instructions for Quiet Time and Prayer Day  (two parts – some of these require other of these printable resources to complete)

Questions for Prayer Prompts (fill in, blank chart)

“Sandcastles” Chart for use as a prayer exercise, for Quiet Time / Prayer Day (see instructions to print above:  each “castle” is related to an area of life that you can commit to the LORD in prayer, addressing each to not make an idol of anything, to build our life on the Rock of Jesus rather than on the “sand” of the things of this world)

Knowing Who I am in Christ  (list made by Joyce Meyers)

Challenges Chart (challenges in your story) to use in quiet time / prayer day

Character related printables:

Lyrics to “sound track” for the week (used for devotional/personal worship activity)

seeking God, finding everything