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The King and the Beggar-maid 1

Our 2015 Spring Retreat will be a royal adventure. (think:  princesses, fairytales, swords, crowns, castles, dragons…)

Our Biblical focus will be the Kings of Israel and Judah, your primary challenge for the winter is to fill in a KINGS CHART for the Southern and Northern Kingdoms as you read from 1 Kings 12 to 2 Kings 25 and 2 Chronicles 10 to 2 Chronicles 36 using a chronological reading plan.  (If you want to begin with the life of Saul, start with 1 Samuel 9.)

Here is a link to an excellent printable chronological reading plan.  (In this plan, begin with April 11th to start with Saul or on June 8th to start with the Divided Kingdom.) In the past, I’ve used The Narrated Bible in Chronological Order and found it well laid out. 

Depending on your time constraints, you may wish to read just the books of Kings and Chronicles, skipping the books of the prophets and poetry that are included on the schedule.

Of course, this is optional, but even if you don’t fill in every blank, I hope you’ll try to make this chart yourself rather than just using the summary handouts I’ll give you in the April.

Click here to down load your chart:  Kings Chart

kings chart scan

You’ll need to print out 15 copies:

  • 1 copy for the United Kingdom (Saul, David, Solomon)
  • 7 copies for the Southern Kingdom (Judah)
  • 7 copies for the Northern Kingdom (Israel)

Then place them in a three hole punch folder.

It will be helpful to write UNITED KINGDOM, SOUTHERN KINGDOM (JUDAH), and NORTHERN KINGDOM (ISRAEL) at the top of the corresponding pages.

Here is a list of the kings to get you started, and you’ll be well on your way to completing your chart by April.

The King and the Beggar-maid 2


  1. Saul
  2. David
  3. Solomon


  1. Rehoboam
  2. Abijah
  3. Asa
  4. Jehoshaphat
  5. Jehoram
  6. Ahaziah
  7. Queen Athaliah
  8. Joash
  9. Amaziah
  10. Uzziah (Azariah)
  11. Jotham
  12. Ahaz
  13. Hezekiah
  14. Manasseh
  15. Amon
  16. Josiah
  17. Jehoahaz
  18. Jehoiakim
  19. Jehoiachin
  20. Zedekiah


  1. Jeroboam
  2. Nadab
  3. Baasha
  4. Elah
  5. Zimri
  6. Omri
  7. Ahab
  8. Ahaziah
  9. Joram
  10. Jehu
  11. Jehoahaz
  12. Jehoash
  13. Jeroboam
  14. Zechariah
  15. Shallum
  16. Menahem
  17. Pekahiah
  18. Pekah
  19. Hoshea

(It is possible to fill in some of these blanks just by using charts and lists you could find on Google, but you will remember so much more if you find your information from the text.  If my kids could do it, I know you can!)

chart 1

You may notice there are a few improvements from the original pictured above; so don’t let these photos throw you off.  For example: you have only three kings per page on your chart to give you more space to write, and the kings’ names will be listed at the bottom for easier reference.

chart 2

I’ve shortened the list of category descriptions in the left column; so here’s a quick run through to clarify:

  • # years = the total length of the king’s reign
  • age = the age they were when they first became king
  • Father / Mother (self explanatory)
  • Bible References (list the cross references from Kings and Chronicles that mention that particular king)
  • Other Kings = list the name of other kings mentioned that reigned during the same period putting the country they ruled in parenthesis (or “I” for Israel and “J” for Judah) /  example:   Pharoah Neco (Egypt) or (E), Nebuchadnezzar (Babylon) or (B)
  • Prophets = either those that spoke directing to the king and/or those that were prophets during that king’s reign
  • Important Information = list any significant events from the kings life that will help you to remember him later
  • Illustration = draw a picture to sum up this king and the key events of his reign so you have a quick visual reminder without having to read all your notes
  • King = write the king’s name in a large easy to read print

Also, you may wish to make note of how the kings die in your notes, especially in the Northern Kingdom.  I made a visual reminder of assassinations in my illustrations and also made a red line between the kings whenever there was a change in the royal family.

chart 3

I hope you are filled with excitement and anticipation for another getaway for prayer and fellowship with the LORD and some amazing sisters in Christ.  I am praying for you!

The King and the Beggar-maid
The King and the Beggar Maid – Edmund Blair Leighton (public domain)

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