Kingdom Seeking – February

Once Upon a Time (Part 3)

“They’re playing our song”

“Your Songs” are parts of your story set to music, sections a timeline written on a music staff.  This music challenge comes in multiple part, and I hope you’ll especially enjoy it this month as we celebrate “love” and Valentine’s’ Day.

Part 1- What song (or songs) do you and your Sweetheart claim as “yours”?  Write it (or them) down in your journal in a special way (draw a heart around your list, write it on pretty paper or a fancy scrapbook tag to tape or tie in).

Harmony - Frank Dicksee (Public Domain)
Harmony – Frank Dicksee (Public Domain)

Part 2 – Make a lengthy list of titles of ALL your FAVORITE LOVE SONGS!  — Any style and era, try to compile a “complete” list of your all time favorites. Then, choose your a few favorites and print the lyrics.  (I have an activity planned for our trip, and you’ll need these.)

Part 3What are “your songs” that you share with your LORD?  What songs stir up emotions and particularly memories that you shared with the LORD?  Make a list of a few.  If this is difficult, it might help to think of a timeline of your walk with the LORD and write down what songs come to mind from each season of life.


The Piano Lesson - Edmond Blair Leighton (Public Domain)
The Piano Lesson – Edmond Blair Leighton (Public Domain)

BONUS CHALLENGE: Some quiet evening this Valentine’s month, play all “your songs”.  Enjoy an evening this February “remembering”. 

(If your husband is home, all the better.  —  Nothing pulls me into the living room from some remote corner of the house, and brings back happy memories, like my husband playing a cover for one or “our songs” on the guitar or one of the by-the-artist-originals on youtube.  I can pick out and “name the tune” with only a couple opening notes.  — Even if your sweetie does not respond quite as you might wish, play them as a gift to him.)

Reverie - Dicksee (Public Domain)
Reverie – Frank Dicksee (Public Domain)

If for some reason you don’t really have a song, don’t go another month without one.  Choose one and start enjoying it together. —  A song becomes special when it is associated with a particular moment or memory or when it is heard over and over and becomes associated with a particular person or emotion.  You can choose one, and if you play it often, it will eventually become “yours”. — And, if it has been a while since you’re added a new love song to “Your” shared list, pick a new one to be another “our song” of this season of your life.

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