Kingdom Seeking – March

The Final Challenge!

bride clip artPrint out a picture of yourself where you feel beautiful.  It could be a wedding picture or from a day when you felt like a princess.

Your picture can be any size. It is even fine if it is photocopied.  Just don’t bring the original.

One more thing:  Make a quick list of people that you have admired.  They can be famous people that you have admired from a distance, people that lived long before you, or even someone that you have known personally.  You can make your list as long as you want, but then try to narrow it down to a final list of about 3 people.

(If you have extra time, try to find our the back grounds of those 3 people.  How did their lives start and how did they get to where they are?  And if you can, try to describe what it is you really admire or appreciate about them and why.)

Bonus Challenge:

If you didn’t take October’s bonus challenge of illustrating your story or if your illustrations are such that you cannot share them, and then choose a series of photos of yourself that make you smile (as few or as many as you want) from different ages and seasons of your life that you can and share as a timeline.

As always, you can make this as simple or creative as you’d life.

Have fun!  Looking forward to seeing y’all soon!!!

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