Kingdom Seeking- November


It’s time to pull out those Disney movies and children’s fairytale books!


image imageYour Challenge for this month is to make a list of all your favorite fairytales, princess stories, Disney movies, etc.

Then chose one:  either…

  • your #1 favorite story,
  • the story or character that best symbolizes your life,
  • the character you like best, most relate to, or you wish to be like

Print a picture of that character or an image from a favorite scene. Then, write a brief explanation in your journal or on the back of the picture of why you chose it.

You have all winter to complete this challenge; so use this as your excuse to re-watch all those classic cartoons and chick-flicks that you loved when you were younger.

Just incase you’ve had Frozen playing so often in your house this past year that you can’t think of any princesses beyond Anna and Elsa, check out these lists from Wikipedia that might help you get started.  (The lists are organized by categories such as “literature”, “animation”, “theater”, etc.)

If you do choose a Disney cartoon, consider reading the original fairytale that inspired the modern retelling.

Bonus Challenge:

imageAnswer the following questions about the movie or story your chose plus two others: (You can write them in a list or paragraph or make a chart.)

  1. Who is the protagonist/main character?
  2. Who is the antagonist/villain?
  3. What is the crisis or dilemma that the main character is facing?
  4. Who is the hero/heroin?
  5. How is the crisis resolved?
  6. What is the main character’s personal weakness/character flaw?
  7. What noble character qualities or positive behavior does the main character display?
  8. What lessons can be taken away from this story?


If you have time and are feeling ambitious, you can answer these questions for all of the stories/movies in your original list or other stories you love.  Consider a favorite biography or fiction story that you’ve always loved or found inspiring.

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