Kingdom Seeking – October

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Your Challenge for this month is to write your story.  You can write it in a journal or type it and print it on your computer, but I want you to get it down in words. (Not to share, but for YOU!  You won’t have to read this aloud or anything; I promise!)

Bonus Challenge

blog coast guard stationWhen your “autobiography” is complete, for an extra challenge, illustrate your story.  It doesn’t have to be “artsy”.  It can be stick figures in the margin, or gather a couple photos that capture or symbolize a particular season and put them in an envelope in your journal.  (if you don’t have a photo from “back then” take a photo of something/someplace that reminds you of that day/event/milestone/memory/etc.)

blog fence and dunesThis is for YOU!  Not for your family, not even for posterity… So don’t feel like you need to edit/rewrite/lie/hold-back.  Get it out of your head and on to paper. If it’s super- personal and you have many secrets, buy a journal with a lock or a pretty box with a lock.

(If you have some extra time over the winter, you can even create a scrapbook or publish your story in a shutterfly/snapfish hard cover book.)

(Just incase you forgot… EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, is optional.  But, as I said every month last year, “if you do, you’ll be glad you did”.  So, give this challenge a shot.  Make this your own!  Be creative and HAVE FUN!)

Video Prompt:

blog sand sunsetRemember last year, I gave you a link for the story behind one of the songs from our sound track.  Well, here’s one that I think relates to things challenge:

The story behind Matthew West’s CD  “This is the Story of Your Life”

Matthew West found inspiration for an album while away at a cabin in the mountains, and in last year’s article, Nicole Nordeman was inspired to write “Be My Rescue” while on retreat by the sea.  I am praying that you will hear the LORD speak to you when you are able to seek Him in a special way next Spring, but don’t wait until then.  Seek Him now!  He has words of wisdom, hope, and truth to whisper over your soul through His Word and with His presence in reply to the deep questions and longings of your heart.

To hear all the songs from our soundtrack, check out the September challenge.



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