Pray 12 Days (Christmas)

December 1 to December 12,
these twelve days could jump-start your prayer life and set the tone for your Christmas celebration.

12 Days to Pray - Christmas

If you are looking for an creative way to start the habit of having a quiet-time with the LORD, this resource is made especially for you.

The posts are meant to be a starting point, so read the prompts as suggestions and then make them your own.  Do not be legalistic or let them become a burden.

You might consider choosing one of these periods for your 12 Days of Prayer:

  • December 1st -12th
  • December 13th – 24th (the 12 days before Christmas)
  • December 20th – 31st (the last 12 days of the year)

Some ladies said they enjoyed going through them twice and others chose to spend two days on each challenge. 

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