S.O.S. – Message In a Bottle

2 weeks, 14 days… once a day

1 week, 7 days… morning and evening

or 1 day…  one long, glorious day to seek the LORD

Which ever option works best for your season of life, I hope you’ll plan a special time and place to meet with the Creator of the Universe, Maker of the land and sea… and you!  He knows you.  He loves you.  And, He as a message for you… an entire book of messages, really!

I hope these 14 messages whet your appetite for the Word and for planning special “dates” alone with your Heavenly Father.

bottle - talk to me

(The following “message in a bottle” devotions were hidden, and as each friend arrived, she was given a treasure map marked with the locations of the bottles.  The messages were numbered randomly; so they could be done in any order. Many of the bottles held tiny treasures as symbols to add to a journal.  I hope you’ll be creative and come up with your own reminders to add to your journal, or keep these items in mind for the next time you take a trip to the shore.)

message in a bottle

For all the Message in a Bottle devotions, see the archives (found at the bottom of the page) for posts dated March 2015.

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