S.O.S. – Treasure Hunt

Here are the notes from our “Beach Treasure” – Prayer Challenge Scavenger Hunt

hunt 02

Maybe these ideas will inspire you to make your own creative prayer time with LORD next time you go to the beach.  (Or write your own symbolic scavenger hunt for a trip to the mountains, items you find in your own back yard, or odds and ends you might find at a nearby park… You could tape them into a journal or in a small box.)

bottle 01

I wish I could show you the bottles the other ladies made.  They were all so different.  One gal’s bottle, who is a florist, was an absolute work of art with a beautiful piece of bring orange coral!  So, rather than copy mine, I hope these pictures will just be a starting point for your creative scavenger hunt to take off in a unique direction.

hunt 03

bottle 02 hunt 04bottle 03

hunt 05bottle 04 hunt 06bottle 05 hunt 07

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