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December, January, February, March…

We’re getting closer!!!

footprintsWeek 1 – Dec. 1-7

Just in case your November was a busy month, or like me, your printer was out of ink, or you would simply like an extra week to look over those past challenges, your challenge for this week is just that!

Here’s a quick check-list:

  • Did you pick out your “beach bag” and journal?
  • Have you found your “art“?
  • Have you made a “map” of the treasures of your life?
  • Did you start your “THINGS I’D LIKE TO DO WHILE I’M ‘STRANDED’ AT THE BEACH” list?
  • Did you get a chance to read and copy “The Psalm of Life”?
  • Did you look-up the “key words“?

If you forgot about this web-site altogether and are feeling behind, remember EVERYTHING is optional.  Complete the challenges you can and feel free to KEEP IT SIMPLE if you need to!

footprintsWeek 2 – Dec. 8-14

Just for fun, do a little Google/Wikipedia rabbit-trail research on shipwrecks!  Watch a Youtube or Netflix documentary or two.  I think you’ll find it interesting!  You might even be surprised how many have occurred in the last few years, how many passengers were lost in the most deadly wrecks, what treasures have been recovered, or what caused some of the most famous shipwrecks.

Then, if you want, choose a shipwreck.  Ancient or modern, obscure or famous… pick any one that interests you.  Gather a few facts about it. What caused it?  Where did it sink?  Was it ever recovered?  How many victims/survivors were there?  Maybe find a personal story or two from one of the survivors or about one of the victims.  If you’re feeling ambitious, see what youtube videos or ebooks are available about it.  If you can, print a picture of your ship to put in your journal.

footprintsWeek 3 – Dec. 15-21

If you were to have a vessel represent you, what would it be?  Cruise liner, cargo ship, Navy battleship or aircraft carrier, an ancient ship with mast and sail, a private yacht, submarine, an icebreaker, tug-boat, an old paddle steamer…?  (You might as well journal “why” you chose that ship; ’cause I will ask.)

“Draw plans” and “name” your ship.  Make a simple sketch or print a picture of what “your ship” would look like (outside and in if you want).  Hopefully this will inspire you to become a little more familiar with ships.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you would name your ship!

footprintsWeek 4 – Dec. 22-28

This week, intentionally enjoy the gifts the LORD has given you… and don’t forget the greatest gift He gave… HIMSELF!!!!

Make time to just be still and enjoy His presence, the greatest present!!! 

Merry Christmas!

footprintsWeek 5 – Dec. 29-31

I always find myself in a reflective mood just before the start of a new year, wanting to evaluate the past year and dream about the future.  On these last couple days of 2013, skim through the list of journal prompt questions and spend some time answering those that most resonate with you.   (The prompts are found on the drop down tab under “S.O.S.  Calendars/Journal” or at this link.)

Also, pull out your prayer request calendars for November and December and pray over those concerns.  If you haven’t had a chance to use these yet, that’s okay.  With three months left, go ahead and print out calendars for those months.  A new year is a great time to start!

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