S.O.S. – February


light house

“You are the light of the world.”  Read Matthew 5:14-16

I like to picture us as light houses, filled with the light of Jesus, a beacon of direction and hope in the darkness on dangerous shores.

Some time this month, take a few minutes to read about the light houses of the Outerbanks.  They each have a unique look.  Read a little about their history and significance to sailors of this coastal area.  Find out which one is closest to our beach house.  (If you love lighthouses as I do, run a google rabbit-trail on lighthouses; maybe find out some of the responsibilities of a lighthouse keeper.)

Week 1:  Feb. 2-8

Are you ready to set sail with Paul?  He will be logging many nautical miles in the next few weeks as you read through Acts.

As you continue with your timeline/notes on Paul’s life, pay special attention to “what, where, and when”.  Try to follow his First Missionary Journey on the map you printed.

Read  Acts 12:25-14:28


Week 2:  Feb. 9-15

Continue following Paul’s life through his visit to Jerusalem and his Second Missionary Journey.

Acts 15-18:22


Week 3:  Feb. 16-22

Make notes of key events and record significant places on Paul’s Third Missionary Journey on your time line.

Acts 18:23-21:14


Week 4:  Feb. 23-28

Take this last week to clarify what you have learned so far about Paul and spend a little extra time finishing up any challenges you’ve had to skip along the way.

One of my favorite ways of remembering Paul’s life is with this rough outline…

  • child, 1-7
  • student, 7-17
  • pharisee, 17-27
  • persecutor, 27-37
  • disciple, 37-47
  • missionary, 47-57
  • prisoner, 57-67

You might enjoy checking out this timeline reference for Paul’s life.     http://www.blueletterbible.org/study/paul/timeline.cfm

It not only gives a list of corresponding significant Roman events, but it also gives biblical references for each fact and clearly organizes of Paul’s epistles in a separate column.

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