S.O.S. – March

Stormy seas, lighthouses, shipwrecks, pirates,… It all sounds so exciting, romantic even!  But, without the happily-ever-after rescue, most tragic stories of lost-adventure go untold.  They never make it to the story book or silver screen because no one lived to tell the tale.


It’s one thing to romanticize trouble or danger looking back on history from the comfort of our easy chair, but living the saga, not knowing how if will unfold, is a lot less glamorous and a lot more frightening.

pirate-jack-rackham-clip-art_413251Week 1:  March 2-8

This month, we’re thinking about pirates!  Aaaarg.

Choose something “pirate themed” to add to your journal… Sketch the flag of a famous pirate’s ship, print a favorite painting from public domain, read about the pirates of the Outer Banks, make a list of pirate terms, whatever!  Have fun with this challenge!

Also, continuing with the sound track of our retreat, each week there is a song I’d like you to listen to and meditate over.  If you want, write down the lyrics or a few lines that resonate with you in your journal.  (I totally understand if you go ahead and listen to all the songs on March 1st, but try to play them throughout the month as you read the passages from Acts to prepare your heart.)

Song:  Casting Crowns – “Praise You in the Storm”


pirate-jack-rackham-clip-art_413251Week 2:

We ended last month with Paul saying these words, “The Lord’s will be done.”  (Acts 21:14)

If you get no further in this month’s challenges, if you don’t find time to go back and finish up the challenges of the previous months, re-read and ponder Acts 21:11-14, that echo the word’s of Christ as He taught us to pray in Mt. 6:10 “Thy will be done…” and as He prayed in the garden before His betrayal and death, Mt. 26:39 “O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as Thou wilt.”

Song: Hillsong United – Oceans (“Where Feet May Fail”)


pirate-jack-rackham-clip-art_413251Week 3:  March 9-22

Paul wasn’t exactly captured by pirates, but I think you’ll find the theme fitting as we wrap up the book of Acts.  Continue your notes and timeline as you read the last chapters.

Acts 21:15-26:32

Song:  Mikeschair – “Let the Waters Rise”  (If you do choose to watch the video, listen to it again later without viewing the screen, closing your eyes, and just tuning into the lyrics.)


pirate-jack-rackham-clip-art_413251Week 4:  March 23-29

Finally, we’ve come to “The Shipwreck”!  Wrap up the book of Acts in your timeline and notes.

Acts 27-28

Song:  Jesus Culture – “Your Love Never Fails” (“One Thing Remains”)


pirate-jack-rackham-clip-art_413251Week 5:  March 30-31

Can you believe it?  We leave for the beach in just a few days!  Pack your bags, Ladies!  I am so looking forward to our adventure!!!!

One Last Song: Scott Krippayne – “Sometimes He Calms the Storm”

“Bonus” Song: Janet Paschel – “If I Had My Way”  —  Ponder these lyrics as a poem, and I’ll play the song for you when we are together.

If I had my way about it

I’d have danced in grassy fields and fragrant meadows

I’d have risen in the morning, just to hear the lovely robin’s melody

I’d have rested in wide spaces, high above the hurting places

And found a cross that asked much less of me

Never sailed in raging wind or troubled sea

If you’d thought it best to leave it up to me

If I had my way about it

I’d have only known Your majesty and glory

And passed that cup of sorrow to somebody else more willing to receive

I’d had written lovely phrases, inspiring lofty praises

And soared above my own humanity

Wounded wouldn’t die, hearts wouldn’t bleed

If all along you’d left if up to me


(chorus) But if I had my way,

I might have been wading through the river

When you wanted me to walk upon the sea

And if I had my say, and all of my wants and whims and wishes

You knew how weak, how shallow I would be


I’ll trust your wisdom over mine

Cause you’ve prove over time

That in my narrow way of seeing things

I’d leave the best behind

Sometimes, I might not have stayed

As close if I’d had my way

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