S.O.S. – November

November Challenge

NOTE:   Remember these are all optional… EVERYTHING about this retreat is optional!!!   You don’t have to do them in order; you don’t have to do them at all!  But, everything suggested is for a purpose; in the end, I think you’ll be glad if you choose to do them all!  Use these ideas as a spring board; so jump into the deep and make them your own


The international signal of distress:   (  . . . – – – . . .  )

 “Save Our Souls”, “Save Our Ship”, “Sink or Swim”, “Save Our-Selves”?

Our theme is “shipwrecked”; so with that in mind,…

footprintsImagine this get-away as your opportunity to be “ship-wrecked” on a deserted island with the Lord.  You will be on an island; and if you use your imagination and call “off-peak” “deserted”, maybe you can pretend to be “stranded” in our luxury beach house… hmm.  Is that a stretch? 


footprintsWeek 1:  Nov. 1-2

  • Look for a piece of art to symbolize “Shipwrecked”.  (It could be a photo, painting, sculpture, comic-strip, movie clip, song, … anything!  You can even have more than one, or one of each.  Or better yet, make your own art!!!)  If it is something that can be copied or photographed, do it and place it in your beach bag or clip it into your journal.

Even after you finish this assignment, be on the look out for other “shipwrecked” art over the coming months.

footprintsWeek 2:  Nov. 3-9

  • Create a “treasure map” of your life.  It may be helpful to make a list of the key events (trials, blessings, challenges, memories, etc…) first.  Then draw them in a “map” form with an “X” to mark the treasures (life lessons, traces of God’s Sovereignty, etc…) in your life.

It can be as big or small, simple or complicated, as you like; any size or shape you want and on whatever paper or material you choose.  It can be a scroll or a mini-book or an old looking letter in an envelope.  You can tea-stain it, rip-it, wrinkle it, burn the edges, whatever!  You can have pictures or words or figurative islands or oceans or symbols, be creative!  — When you’re done, don’t forget to put it in your beach bag.

footprintsWeek 3:  Nov. 10-16

What are you most looking forward to about your get-away?  (Journal your answer.)  It doesn’t have to be completely spiritual either.  It could be as deep as wanting an extended time of quiet to seek the Lord or as simple as not having to do laundry or taxi your kids to Wednesday clubs.  (Yup, those are a couple of mine!) 

  • Start a “checklist” of THINGS I’D LIKE TO DO WHILE I’M “STRANDED” AT THE BEACH.  For example, here are a couple of items on my list:
  1. watch a sunrise
  2. wake-up and roll-over; sleep in as late as I can one morning
  3. soak in the hot tub late one night and watch the stars

 footprintsWeek 4:  Nov. 17-23

Read the poem “The Psalm of Life” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 

It’s in the public domain; so COPY IT creatively! (write it on pretty paper, sew it, use calligraphy or print in a fancy font with clip art, type and print over a photo, illustrate each line,… whatever!)  Then put it in your journal or your beach bag!  You’ll want to have this poem handy later.   

footprintsWeek 5:  Nov. 24-30

  •  Look up the following words (one for each day, and a bonus!) in a dictionary and a thesaurus (copy the definitions, synonyms, and antonyms into your journal):  
  1. shipwrecked
  2. distressed
  3. stranded
  4. bivouac
  5. sublime
  6. forlorn
  7. labor
  8. wait
  • After you have pondered the meaning of these words, choose a Bible verse for each concept, even if only by a vague association of the synonym or antonym.

3 thoughts on “S.O.S. – November”

  1. I’m so glad! Even if you didn’t get a chance to do any of the challenges, I am certain you’d have an amazing retreat away with The Lord meeting you in a special way, telling you exactly what you need to hear, but I am happy that you have found some time to check out a few! Not only will you appreciate some of the details of our getaway more, but your heart will be prepared in a special way for diving in deeper with an understanding and context that you wouldn’t have otherwise. — Happy New Year!!!

  2. I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the challenges but what little I have done has been so good!!! Thank you so much ,Deb for sharing all of your ideas and planning this!!! I cannot wait!!!

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