S.O.S. – October

October Challenge –

Prepare your Beach Bag

beach bag

Your first challenge is to prepare a bag, bucket, box, or basket for a portable quiet-time, an ever ready container of resources to use on the beach, in your room, up in the loft, on a deck, by the pool, or in a quiet corner with an ocean view.

You can make it, buy it, decorate it…  be creative!  (We’ll have a fun “show and tell” activity with these; so let your bag reflect your style/personality.)

Start a Journal

In addition to your Bible, you need to have a journal in your “beach bag”.  Consider starting a new journal for this season.  It could be large, small, spiral, bound, a notebook, a 3 ring binder, a yellow tablet; something that fits your style and mood.  Like your beach bag, let it be an expression of yourself.  You can decorate the cover, fill it as you would a scrapbook, glue in tabs, add stickers, anything you want.

Check out this link for journal prompts and a prayer calendar idea.

Gather Your Tools

Begin filling your bag with supplies that you will use during your “seeking-time”.

  • Bible and journal
  • pens, highlighter, colored pencils
  • tape (I always carry tape for adding sentimental odds and ends to my journal:  leaves, pressed flowers, business cards, magazine clippings articles/pictures/words, seagull feathers, etc.)
  • paper clips, tags, post-its…  (I even raided my neglected scrap-booking stash and gathered a few things to use.)

I like to carry my tools in a clear plastic zip bag (like those that bed sheets and shower curtains come in); so I can easily find a pen or paper clip but also to keep the sand off my tape!

Remember:  Be original.  Be creative.  Have fun with this challenge!

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