Welcome Back!

Stepping outside this morning
barefoot on the deck
to let out the pup,

I can’t help but say aloud,

”Hello, Fall. Welcome back!”

We’ve had the strangest weather.

Even in the predictable cycle of seasons, the LORD keeps us guessing.  He is the only Weather Man that had this week’s forecast right; the rest of us woke the other day to a white surprise.

Crisp autumn air and warm sunshine has returned this morning after a teasing taste of the winter to come.

It’s so nice to see the ground and what is left of the leaves on the trees!  But, I love the wonder of weather and the unpredictability of Sovereignty.   God will do what He will do, and man can not control Him or figure Him out.

All our scientific models and technology will never catch up with our Knowable, yet Infinite and Incomprehensible, Creator.

Check this out:
“Blue Snow” – My favorite color!
I took this one early in the morning (October 30th).

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